The Convertible Cufflinks' Story


ConvertibleCuffLinks is a patented technology and design and was developed by Corey Stein in 2015.  Corey has been passionate about Cufflinks since he became a Financial Advisor in 1993.  After buying various cufflinks over the years, he started designing and crafting cufflinks as a hobby.  Many times he would make the cufflinks for friends and clients, and repeatedly was told that he should start his own business.

Corey and Son

One of Corey’s inspirations for cufflinks came from his passion for Golf and the exclusive Golf Clubs and Resorts he was fortunate enough to play on.  He noticed that the overwhelming majority of them did not offer cufflinks for sale.  He would purchase metal ball markers sold in the Pro Shops and fashion unique cufflinks by soldering the covers to the base for himself, and a pair to give to the friends and or the member.

Corey and his wife Tamara's son Harrison was interested in helping and had because of his special needs there were challenges in soldering, as well as additional safety concerns. The EUREKA moment for the Patent came when Corey was pondering if he could teach Harrison how to make Cufflinks.  It needed to be simple, easy, and repeatable.  Thus, ConvertibleCuffLinks was born.