You have questions, we have answers

See below video on how it works as well as a list of frequently asked questions.

Where can I get ConvertibleCuffLinks?

Right now, you can only buy ConvertibleCuffLinks on our website. We are, however, working on setting up relationships with catalogs,  jewelry stores, and specialty shops to sell our PATENTED product!

What are Re-MARKable-Tops?

Small, flat covers used to create your very own look for your ConvertibleCuffLinks. In addition to the ones on our site, you may also use metal Golf Ballmarkers that are 1" or less in diameter.

How do ConvertibleCuffLinks operate?

Place a Re-MARKable-Top, ball marker, or decorative plate on top of your ConvertibleCuffLinks top. It contains a very powerful magnet and will hold it securely. Adjust to the position that you want. To remove, simply depress the top of the Re-MARKable-Top and press forward from where there is a depression is on the base. Some Re-MARKable-Tops will require a little lifting from the non-depressed end.

What size Ball Marker or Decorative Disk is appropriate for ConvertibleCuffLinks base?

Any Re-MARKable-Top purchased from our website is guaranteed to fit our bases. Most iron ball markers up to 1 inch in diameter should fit as well. *Please note that not all metals are ferrous and over 1 inch in diameter will not fit properly.

Where do you get a Re-MARKable-Top Ball Markers or Decorative plates?

You can find them right here on our site, wherever golf supplies and products can be found….AND, you can even subscribe to our new monthly Cufflink Of the Month program! It will be like getting a new set of cufflinks every month!

What is the CuffLink of the Month Club, and how do I subscribe?

Our Cufflink of the Month Club is one of the easiest ways to refresh the look of your new ConvertibleCuffLinks!

Each month, we send our subscribers brand new ball markers / covers to wear on their ConvertibleCuffLinks which makes them appear to be a completely different pair. 

Membership is currently at $8.99/mo but act now as this is an Introductory Offer, going to $10.99 SOON! There may be months when you get special surprises, but you won’t get them if you are not in the club. Click Here to register now!

What finishes are ConvertibleCuffLinks available in?

Right now, we have these in Polished Gold, Polished Silver, Antique Silver, Antique Gold, Matte Gold, and Matte Silver finishes, but we are working on other designs, so always check in! (We have a Black finish, but we are not quite happy with that one yet, so we removed it from our site for now.

What if I wanted to design my own Re-MARKable-Top?

If you want a custom design for your own event, OR are looking for something unique, please fill out the contact form on our "Customize" page to get started. Please be sure to provide us with:

  • All details – name and date of event, number of pairs of ConvertibleCuffLinks needed and number of Re-MARKable-Tops (In pairs!)
  • A photo / drawing if you have one
  • Best way to contact you and we will walk you through the process.

*Timing is everything and custom designs do take time – so plan at least 4-6 weeks in advance!